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List of Questions

God's Amazing Grace and Love Toward Me
  1. •  Does God really love a sinner such as me?
  2. •  Can I be assured of God's mercy and deep love for me?
  3. •  Does God really care about me?
  4. •  Is the Lord my Shepherd?
  5. •  Did Jesus die for my sins?
  6. •  What has Jesus done for me personally?
  7. •  Did Jesus sacrifice Himself completely for me?
  8. •  Did Jesus really suffer greatly because of my sins?
  9. •  Is God's powerful saving grace offered to me?
  10. •  What will God's grace do for me?
  11. •  Is it because of God's free gift of grace that I am able to be saved eternally?
  12. •  Has God chosen all, and predestined all to be saved?
  13. •  Can salvation be obtained any other way than through Jesus?
  14. •  Does God really want me, and is He calling me?
  15. •  What is God's invitation to me?
How Much Do I Need God?
  1. •  What is sin?
  2. •  What are the consequences and penalty for sin?
  3. •  How serious is the sin problem in my own life?
  4. •  What is my condition and destiny if I do not accept Jesus?
  5. •  Will there ever be a better time than now to turn to God?
  6. •  What is the danger of procrastinating in making the decision to give my heart to God?
  7. •  Does God's grace teach me to turn from ungodliness and sin?
  8. •  Does God want me to turn away from my sins, and repent?
  9. •  How am I to repent of my sins?
  10. •  What are some examples of prayers of repentance in the Bible?
  11. •  To claim God's promise of forgiveness, what must I do?
  12. •  How will unconfessed sin affect my quality of life?
  13. •  What is the heart attitude that I must have as I confess my sins before God?
  14. •  Does the Bible make it clear that God wants my whole heart?
  15. •  Is a double minded, half hearted commitment pleasing to God?
  16. •  Does God promise to forgive me when I repent?
  17. •  What does God say He will do with my sins when I make confession to Him?
  18. •  How completely does God cleanse me from my sins?
A Wonderful Life in Christ
  1. •  How important is it for me to know Jesus, my Lord, personally?
  2. •  It is necessary for me to be born again?
  3. •  Is God willing to give me the conversion experience, which is the new birth?
  4. •  Is God offering me a new heart, so that I am a completely changed person?
  5. •  How will I know that I have been born again, or converted?
  6. •  Does self need to die, so that Christ can live in me?
  7. •  What happens to the “old” me when I am converted, and become a new person?
  8. •  What does it really mean to be in Christ?
  9. •  Do I have any righteousness of my own to offer to God?
  10. •  Is God's righteousness truly the antidote for my sinfulness?
  11. •  How can I be sure that God will hear my prayers?
  12. •  When I ask God for something, if it is according to His will, and if I am pleasing Him by my life, will I receive it?
  13. •  Is it important that my prayers be earnest, fervent and sincere?
  14. •  Should my prayer life keep me continually connected to God?
  15. •  When I have my daily prayer time with God, does the Bible encourage me to reverently kneel?
  16. •  What is faith?
  17. •  Is faith the divine ability to grasp invisible spiritual realities?
  18. •  Are faith, trust and belief very important in my relationship with God?
  19. •  Do I need to trust in God?
  20. •  Is God worthy of my absolute trust?
  21. •  How can I have the faith of Jesus?
  22. •  Does believing in Jesus Christ, and what He has done, connect me with God?
  23. •  Is faith closely connected with love?
  24. •  How powerful is faith, and what can it accomplish?
  25. •  Is it possible to lose faith?
  26. •  Will God help me to be strong in faith, so that I shun doubt and unbelief?
  27. •  If I truly follow Christ, does He give me assurance of salvation?
  28. •  How can I have the assurance that I am truly a child of God?
  29. •  When we accept Christ, does God adopt us as His children?
  30. •  If I truly love God, will He work things out for my best good and ultimate happiness?
  31. •  Will God take care of me, and provide for my needs?
  32. •  What wonderful things is God waiting to do for me when I call upon Him?
God's Power Changes Me
  1. •  What is God's glory, His character like, and how can I be like Him?
  2. •  What spiritual fruit will be evident in my life if I am a true Christian?
  3. •  What spiritual Armor must I put on to be safe from the enemy?
  4. •  As a Christian, is it my privilege and duty to walk in the Light?
  5. •  Will Jesus sanctify me, setting me apart for His holy use, if I depend fully on Him?
  6. •  Since I am incapable of doing God's will on my own, will God work in me to do His will?
  7. •  Will a close connection with Jesus empower me to love and obey Him?
  8. •  How can I keep from falling into temptation?
  9. •  Does God promise to deliver us from temptation?
  10. •  Has God promised to give me victory over sin?
  11. •  Does God promise me power to overcome?
  12. •  If I stay close to God, am I assured of victory over the enemy?
  13. •  Does God promise to strengthen me?
  14. •  What does it mean to totally surrender, or yield myself to God?
  15. •  How close and intimately does God want me to be connected to Him?
The Precious Word of God
  1. •  What does the Word say that God is able to do for me?
  2. •  Why has God given the Bible to me?
  3. •  What will the Word of God do for me if I will study it?
  4. •  Will the study of the Word change and transform my thoughts?
  5. •  As I learn about God through His Word, will I grow in grace, knowledge and good works?
  6. •  Is there truly creative power in the Word of God, that can change my heart and give me eternal life?
  7. •  How much should I treasure the Word?
  8. •  How valuable are God's promises to me, and how earnestly should I believe them?
  9. •  How enduring is the Word of God compared to this world?
  10. •  Does God want me to keep His Word in my memory, to keep me from sin?
  11. •  How important is it to God that I believe and accept His truth?
  12. •  Does the light of God's truth that shines from His Word get brighter as I learn and grow?
  13. •  Why is there so much error being taught, and why do people twist the scriptures?
  14. •  Can I trust in the wisdom of other humans?
  15. •  Can I safely depend on my own wisdom and understanding?
  16. •  Since I can't trust in man's wisdom, can I trust God's wisdom?
  17. •  How can I receive God's wisdom?
  18. •  Is truth absolute (God defined) or relative, (human opinion)
  19. •  Where can I find truth?
  20. •  Does God promise to guide me into truth if I am willing?
  21. •  Has God promised to guide me in the way He wants me to go?
  22. •  What are the benefits of accepting and obeying the truth?
  23. •  Is truth powerful enough to protect me from error and evil?
  24. •  Do many people reject truth?
  25. •  Is it dangerous to reject truth?
  26. •  Is resisting God and rebelling against Him something that many people do?
  27. •  Instead of resisting God, what are we to resist and turn away from?
The Family of God
  1. •  How important is it to confess Christ?
  2. •  How serious is it to deny Christ?
  3. •  Is it important to be immersed under the water in baptism?
  4. •  Is baptism important for a Christian?
  5. •  What does baptism symbolize?
  6. •  Is it important for me to meet together with Christians for fellowship?
  7. •  Has Jesus given each one of His followers a spiritual gift?
  8. •  What is the gospel?
  9. •  What will the gospel accomplish?
  10. •  How many are to hear the gospel?
  11. •  What are the consequences of not obeying the gospel?
  12. •  How important is it for us to share our testimony of the goodness of God to others?
  13. •  What great commission has Jesus given to every one of His followers?
  14. •  Does Jesus want me to be a soul winner for His kingdom?
What is God Like?
  1. •  Is God able to do anything and everything?
  2. •  Is God all powerful, all knowing, ever present, ever watchful.
  3. •  Is God reliable and unchangeable in His attitude toward us?
  4. •  The three divine persons of the Godhead are found in which verses?
  5. •  Is Jesus divine, possessing the attributes of the Godhead?
  6. •  Does our Creator God includes the 3 persons of the Godhead, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?
  7. •  Is Jesus, as our Creator, God?
  8. •  Did Jesus take on sinful human nature?
  9. •  Does the sinlessness of Jesus give me hope?
  10. •  What example did Jesus give to show how He surrendered His will to His Father?
  11. •  Is Jesus my perfect example, showing me how to depend on God?
  12. •  How can I receive the Holy Spirit?
  13. •  Do I need the wisdom of the Holy Spirit?
  14. •  How does the Holy Spirit work for our salvation?
  15. •  Does God want us to Fear Him, meaning to have reverential obedience, and veneration?
  16. •  What does it mean to worship God in the “beauty of holiness.”
How Will this World End?
  1. •  What will people be like in the last days?
  2. •  What are the signs of Christ's coming?
  3. •  Will the second coming be silent and secret, or will it be noisy?
  4. •  Will the second coming of Christ be invisible or visible?
  5. •  Does the Bible teach that there is only one appearing or coming of the Lord to receive the saints?
  6. •  Does our Lord bring His reward with Him when He comes?
  7. •  Are there separate resurrections for the righteous and the wicked?
What is Heaven Like?
  1. •  What is the inheritance of saints?
  2. •  Where is the reward of the righteous?
  3. •  What are some of the things that are found in heaven?
  4. •  What will be done away with in eternity?
  5. •  What will the new earth be like?
  6. •  How sure and how real are the eternal rewards promised to us?
  7. •  Will there be no more sickness, sin, handicaps, painful memories in heaven?
  8. •  Is eternal life something that I can count on if I love God with all my heart?
  9. •  Will heaven be worth it?
  10. •  Will heaven be even better than we imagine?
  11. •  Does God's plan of Salvation include restoration to the Tree of Life to God's faithful followers?
  12. •  How can I have a foretaste of the Tree of Life now?
  13. •  Whose names are written in the Book of Life?
  14. •  Whose names are not written in the Book of Life?
What Happens to the Lost?
  1. •  What will be the condition of the earth during the thousand year millennium?
  2. •  After Jesus comes to raise the righteous dead and take all the righteous to heaven, will there be 1000 years until the resurrection of the wicked?
  3. •  At some point, will everyone bow before God, admitting that He was fair and just?
  4. •  For those who choose to cling to sin, what are the results?
  5. •  What are some of the sins that will cause sinners who have not received cleansing to be forever lost?
  6. •  What horrible experience do I need to make sure that I never have?
  7. •  For those who persist in rebellion against God, will it be a painful, strange act for Him to let them go and be lost forever?
  8. •  Are the wicked immortal?
  9. •  Are the wicked are eternally destroyed, instead of eternal destroying?
  10. •  How complete will be the destruction of the wicked?
  11. •  Will the devil and the evil angels, who rebelled against God, be destroyed forever?
How to Prepare for Heaven
  1. •  Am I willing to be sealed by the Holy Spirit in my forehead, or mind, so that I am ready for eternity?
  2. •  Have I firmly decided that I want to be one of the few, and not go along with the crowd?
  3. •  Am I seeking for purity and holiness, which are required to see God?
  4. •  Does Jesus want me to be ready for His soon coming?
  5. •  How can I prepare for the end of the world?
  6. •  Should I be willing to die rather than to dishonor God?
Our Creator and His Creation
  1. •  How does the Bible declare that our world came into existence?
  2. •  What three specific things has God created that makes Him worthy of our worship?
  3. •  What holy day is closely connected with act of creation, declared to be holy by the Creator of the heaven, the earth and the sea?
  4. •  Who is called to worship God, as the Creator of heaven, earth and sea?
  5. •  How long will God's creatures continue to worship God as the Creator?
God's Law of Love
  1. •  According to God's Word, am I Blessed?
  2. •  What does God delight in?
  3. •  What does God want me to delight in?
  4. •  What function does God's law have in showing me my sin?
  5. •  To whom does God say He will show mercy?
  6. •  Will God truly enable me to obey Him, and keep His commandments?
  7. •  Does God want me to value His law, the 10 commandments, more than riches?
  8. •  Does the Bible reveal that many have a strong hatred for the law of God?
  9. •  How do I know if I truly love God?
  10. •  Will the love of Jesus in my heart enable me to keep His commandments?
  11. •  Did God write the 10 commandments with His own finger, and give them to His children?
A New Covenant with Israel
  1. •  Is Israel today only those with Jewish bloodlines, or is it all who truly worship God?
  2. •  Who did God make the new covenant with?
  3. •  What is the covenant that God makes with Israel?
  4. •  Does God promise to keep His covenant with His people?
  5. •  Since the old covenant no longer exists, if we are partakers of the new covenant, then whose heritage is ours?
God's 10 Commandments
  1. •  Can the 10 commandment law of God, written on stone, save me, or am I saved by Christ's law keeping, written in my heart?
  2. •  Did Jesus fulfill the law, as He declared that He came to do? What does fulfil mean?
  3. •  Is “finished” and “fulfilled the same? In other words, Did Jesus say all was fulfilled at the cross, or will it be said at the very end?
  4. •  Does the new commandment of the new covenant do away with the 10 commandments, which also were based on love?
  5. •  Is it important for new covenant Christians to keep God's 10 commandments?
  6. •  Will we find freedom from sin as we abide in God's law of truth and liberty?
  7. •  What is the First Great commandment, upon which the first 4 of the 10 commandments are based?
  8. •  What is the Second Great Commandment, upon which the last 6 of the 10 commandments are based?
  9. •  What is the First Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  10. •  What is the Second Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  11. •  What is the Third Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  12. •  What is the Fourth Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  13. •  What is the Fifth Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  14. •  What is the Sixth Commandment of the 10 commandments?
  15. •  What is the Seventh Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  16. •  What is the Eighth Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  17. •  What is the Ninth Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
  18. •  What is the Tenth Commandment of the 10 Commandments?
The Holy Day of Worship
  1. •  Was the seventh-day Sabbath given to the Jews only, or to man, as in everyone?
  2. •  Did Jesus and His disciples keep the Sabbath, both before and after the cross?
  3. •  What was done away with at the cross?
  4. •  Did the sacrificial ordinances from the ceremonial law end at the cross?
  5. •  When did the resurrection of Jesus occur?
  6. •  Which verses of the Bible are sometimes used to show that Sunday is a holy day?
  7. •  What is one of the greatest abominations that God hates?
  8. •  Since sun worship is a great abomination, how will this enter into the prophecies of the last days?
True or False Prophets
  1. •  Have we been warned about false leaders?
  2. •  Do I need to be careful not to follow men's commandments and doctrines?
  3. •  Are we warned of false prophets, and their power to deceive?
  4. •  Can a false prophet's prophecies sometimes come to pass?
  5. •  What religious head came to world-wide power, as the antichrist after the restraining power “he who now letteth” (Caesar) was taken out of the way?
  6. •  Has God revealed to us who the beast is, so that we can avoid the “Mark of beast”?
  7. •  What prophecies were given about the Messiah in the Old Testament, and how can they increase my faith?
  8. •  What Old Testament prophecies showed that the Messiah would suffer and pay the penalty for our sins?
  9. •  Are the prophecies of the Bible trustworthy?
  10. •  What is the purpose of prophecy?
  11. •  How can we tell if a prophet is a true prophet?
  12. •  Has God ever chosen women to be His prophetesses?
  13. •  Does the Bible tell us that God will revive the Spirit of Prophecy in the last days?
Holy Angels and Evil Angels
  1. •  What does the Bible teach about angels?
  2. •  What do holy angels do for me?
  3. •  How will the angels be involved in the second coming?
  4. •  What was Satan's original problem?
  5. •  Is Satan a liar and deceiver, and the originator of sin?
  6. •  What does Satan, the liar, promise us?
  7. •  Does Satan try to put us in bondage to sin?
  8. •  Are there evil spirits, and what bad things do they do?
  9. •  Does the Bible warn us against communicating with familiar spirits who pretend to be the dead?
  10. •  What does the Bible say about witches or wizards, astrology and magic?
  11. •  What are some more forbidden practices involving spiritualism and sorcery?
What Happens When We Die?
  1. •  Is man mortal?
  2. •  Is God alone immortal?
  3. •  What happens to us when we die?
  4. •  Did Jesus call death sleep?
  5. •  Where else does the Bible liken death to sleep?
  6. •  Should we be afraid of death if we are right with God?
  7. •  Does the Bible teach that the human spirit has no personal cognitive activity apart from the body?
  8. •  What are the main texts people use to try to show that the dead go to heaven or hell immediately when they die?
  9. •  Are there 2 separate resurrections-one for the righteous, and one for the wicked?
  10. •  When did Jesus teach that the righteous would be raised from the dead?

The Lord is Our Judge and Defense Attorney

  1. •  Does God make it very clear that only those who do His will, His word, and His law will be saved?
  2. •  If I accept God's mercy, will He deal with me according to my works, either good or bad?
  3. •  While I cannot be saved by my works, does the Bible say that I will be judged according to my works?
  4. •  Is there an investigative phase of judgment that must take place before the second coming, to determine whose names are retained in the Book of Life?
  5. •  Does the Bible teach that there is a day of judgment, and that we must give account to God?
  6. •  Are the wicked going to face a final judgment before they are punished for their sins?
  7. •  What was the purpose of the earthly sanctuary?
  8. •  What special location in the sanctuary is God's presence manifested?
  9. •  What was in the ark of the covenant that was under the mercy seat?
  10. •  Where is the throne and dwelling place of God?
  11. •  Is God's throne moveable, so that it could move from the Holy Place to the Most Holy Place in the heavenly sanctuary?
  12. •  Where is Jesus now?
  13. •  Did the prophets know where Jesus went after His resurrection?
  14. •  What is Jesus doing now?
  15. •  Is Jesus my High Priest?
  16. •  What special work is Jesus doing, as our Intercessor?
God Gives Peace and Joy, Even in Hard Times
  1. •  Do Christians have good reason to rejoice with abundant hope?
  2. •  Can hope in God lift me out of discouragement and depression?
  3. •  Will songs of praise to God bring me joy and encouragement?
  4. •  Does God want me to have a thankful heart?
  5. •  Should I keep in mind all the wonderful things God has done for me?
  6. •  Should I praise the Lord?
  7. •  Will God help me to learn to be contented with my circumstances?
  8. •  Is complaining and murmuring displeasing to God?
  9. •  How can I have peace in my heart?
  10. •  Does worry and fear show that I have a lack of faith in God?
  11. •  How can trusting in God keep me from being fearful?
  12. •  What promises has God given me that He will protect me?
  13. •  What promises has God given for the time of trouble?
  14. •  Does God chasten, or discipline me, as His child?
  15. •  Does God promise to comfort me in my afflictions and trials?
  16. •  Does the Bible say that trials purify us, to make us righteous?
  17. •  Should Christians expect persecution and tribulation?
  18. •  Can the trials that God allows in my life be for my good?
  19. •  Is it a privilege to suffer for Christ's sake, to endure persecution?
  20. •  What specific promises has God given to me when I am in trouble and tribulation?
  21. •  Will God give me strength to rejoice in suffering and persecution?

Learning What Pleases God

  1. •  How does God want me to react when persecuted?
  2. •  Is getting angry with others very displeasing to the Lord?
  3. •  Will God give me the strength to overcome anger toward others?
  4. •  Does God want me to treat my enemies with kindness, and be at peace with them?
  5. •  What example did Jesus give of forgiveness?
  6. •  Is evil speaking about others contrary to God's will?
  7. •  What is the “Golden Rule”?
  8. •  What will God's love look like?
  9. •  Since God loves me so much, how much should I love others?
  10. •  How strongly has Jesus urged me to love others?
  11. •  What will God's love accomplish in my heart?
  12. •  Does God want me to be kind, loving and accepting to all humans?
  13. •  Does God does want me to accept all equally, with no prejudice of race or status in life?
  14. •  Does God want me to help the poor?
  15. •  Does God want me to help the less fortunate and disabled?
  16. •  How does God want me to shine for Him?
  17. •  Will God be glorified through my good works?
  18. •  Does God want me to be involved in doing good things?
  19. •  What godly attitudes did Jesus say will bring happiness and blessings.
  20. •  What does God want me to think about?
  21. •  Are my thoughts the thoughts of wickedness or righteousness?
  22. •  How can I have righteous and holy thoughts?
  23. •  Do I find my happiness and joy in God's presence, and in doing His will?
  24. •  Do I need to guard myself against the sin of hypocrisy?
  25. •  Do I treasure honesty and truthfulness?
  26. •  Does God value diligence and dependability in my work?
  27. •  Am I striving to be of one mind with those who love God?
  28. •  Am I willing to be a peacemaker?
  29. •  Is pride something I need to guard against?
  30. •  Does God want me to be humble and meek?
  31. •  Does God want me to shun vanity and display in my appearance, so that I am adorned with His humility instead?
Making God First in My Life
  1. •  Is it very important for me to put God as my top priority?
  2. •  Is there danger in the seeking the pleasures of this world, which would lessen my love for God?
  3. •  What strong warnings are found in the Bible about loving this world?
  4. •  Does Jesus want me to detach myself from worldly principles?
  5. •  Does God want me to value righteousness higher than earthly wealth?
  6. •  Does the Bible warn me about the snares of riches?
  7. •  Can the deceitfulness of riches and cares of this life be a hindrance to my relationship with God?
  8. •  Where is my treasure, and where is my heart?
  9. •  Does God want me to give unselfishly and cheerfully?
  10. •  Does the Bible teach that God wants us to return a tenth, or tithe of our increase back to Him?
Becoming Pure in Heart
  1. •  Does the Bible give counsel on marriage?
  2. •  How deeply are husbands and wives to love each other?
  3. •  Is divorce displeasing to God, and should it be avoided?
  4. •  Has God warned me to turn away from the lusts of the flesh, which are ungodly sensual desires?
  5. •  Does the Bible clearly teach me to flee from sexual impurity, even in my thoughts?
  6. •  Since God requires sexual purity, will He give me power to keep my thoughts pure?
  7. •  What does the Bible say about same-sex physical intimacy?
  8. •  What does the Bible tell us about disciplining and training children?
  9. •  How important is it for us to train our children in the ways of the Lord?
  10. •  Does God care about unborn babies?
Glorifying God in My Body
  1. •  Is it important to God how I treat my body?
  2. •  Should I practice temperance, which is avoiding excess or harmful substances?
  3. •  Does God care about my health?
  4. •  Is gluttony and indulged appetite displeasing to God?
  5. •  Do alcoholic beverages enfeeble the mind and body?
Staying Faithful to Jesus
  1. •  Should I ask God to search my heart, and help me to know my motives?
  2. •  Does God want me to examine my own heart?
  3. •  Is it possible for me to warp and defile my conscience?
  4. •  Is it important to keep my conscience clear, free from hidden guilt?
  5. •  Do I tend to make excuses for not obeying God, when there really is no excuse?
  6. •  Do I need to continue to stay close to Jesus until the end?
  7. •  Does God place a conditional “if” on His promises to me?
  8. •  What has God told me about my need to persevere, enduring patiently?
  9. •  If I believe in Jesus for a while, but later give up my faith, what happens?
  10. •  If I fall away from Christ, and return to a life of sin, what is the result?
  11. •  If I return to sinful behavior, what will be the consequences?
  12. •  If I neglect or reject the provisions of salvation, even after I accepted them, what is the result?
  13. •  Does God give me the opportunity to chose life?
  14. •  Does God want to provide a daily spiritual feast for me?
  15. •  Is my commitment to Jesus a daily matter, so that day by day I am choosing God over self?
  16. •  Is Jesus my only source of life?



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