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Dear Pastors, Teachers, and Leaders:

Praise God, you have dedicated your life to serving God, and sharing His Word with others!

The Bible is the foundation of your entire ministry. How important is it, then, to know this Book better than anything else in this world!

Even if you have been to the seminary, or had years of experience preaching the Word of God, you will find that the compiled scriptures in Guide to Heaven will be a tremendous asset to your ministry. Not only will this book help you to clarify your own beliefs, but it will be a valuable resource in your sermon and Bible study preparation. Straight forward questions are answered by the scriptures regarding the topics that concern modern humanity. This book, Guide to Heaven will assist you in helping others find these plain truths in the Bible.

I am making an special appeal to you as teachers of the Word of God: If you come across truths that are unfamiliar to you, please don't automatically revert to your prior training or preferred opinion. Take some time to prayerfully consider what the Word of God teaches. If you believe that you could find 5 texts that would better answer the question, please send them to me! I sincerely want to know God's truth!

Take the Heaven Challenge and receive your FREE Guide to Heaven today!

May the blessing of the Lord rest upon you.



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