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Guide to Heaven

Guide to Heaven will help you get ready for heaven. This powerful, Bible based ebook that takes important truths STRAIGHT from the Bible, and puts them into bite sized pieces to give you a daily powerful spiritual charge. These are life-changing truths, and I guarantee you will discover answers you've been longing for.

This most exciting part about this Guide to Heaven is that you will find that GOD really is talking to YOU! The words are from GOD! It's not based on the opinions of any human, it's not affiliated with any denomination, it's pure, unadulterated TRUTH, straight from the Word of God! Through God's words, you will hear His voice, guiding you to Heaven. The Word of God, arranged topically in the Guide to Heaven, will give you a clear view of God's thoughts, not men's thoughts.

The Word of God will change your life. It's absolutely guaranteed. It will give you tremendous hope and assurance of eternal life based on solid truth. God promises you, Heaven is well worth your faith investment.

To read Guide to Heaven on this web site, click on the links below. It is in the King James Version. PLEASE NOTE: The downloadable, searchable E-book that you will receive by filling out the form above is MUCH easier to read than the on-line book accessed below, and you can save it to your computer. PDF files in the King James Version, and New King James Version that are ready to print are also provided when you fill out the above form.



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