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What's so good about Heaven?

What is Heaven like? It's better than you can ever imagine! The Bible tells us that we have never seen or heard anything so marvelous as heaven, and we can't even imagine how wonderful it is!

The Bible does tell us a lot about heaven, so we can catch a glimpse of its beauty. Heaven is magnificently glorious.

Think of all the beauty in nature. Amidst the beauty we now see, are signs of the curse of sin. In your iimagination, remove all evidence of decay and destruction. Take away all the dead leaves and branches, the dry grass, the thorns and weeds. and just picture pristine beauty. The trees and plants are all healthy and glorious, and the luscious fruit is abundant and delicious. The never-dying flowers are vibrant, the grass is like velvet. The entire landscape is like a well-kept park. The waterfalls spill into sparkling streams, and the exquisite and majestic animals have no fear. None prey on each other. The weather is always perfect. There is no sorrow, no lack of food, no disease or death.

The curse of sin will be totally removed. The moral sickness in humanity has been cured. No one wants to take advantage of another. No one will steal, lie, cheat or hurt another. No anger, no fear, no guilt, no doubt. No one will be unkind or selfish. No one will have pride and arrogance. There will not be any lust or impurity. Not even a mean thought will enter there. Could you enjoy living with people like that?

Then think about the frailty and imperfections of your own body. In heaven, we will have immortal bodies, free from all suffering and disease. Can you imagine having unlimited energy to accomplish any task? Never a worry about injury or pain of any type. No defects or handicaps. No aging. No wrinkles! No tooth decay. Gone are the physical maladies that have plagued us. The blind can see. The deaf can hear. The lame can leap. Every problem we face is completely gone!

Think about a noble pursuit that simply can't be achieved in our limited earthly lives. Nothing can stop us from achieving it in heaven. We won't run out of time, resources, or energy. Our minds will be sharp and clear, and full of creative and exciting ideas. Heaven will be filled with joy beyond our wildest imaginings.

But the best part about heaven is that we will be going to live with God! Living in the presence of God is the ultimate experience available to us. It will a zillion times better than any earthly relationship we could ever dream of. We won't even know how lonely we've been for God until we see Him face to face.

Have you ever been in love? Usually our rose-colored glasses fall off with time, and the euphoria fades somewhat. But in heaven, we will have an eternal and ever growing sense of being in love with God. Our delight in Him will ever increase! This will bring us untold joy and happiness.

Heaven is a place of holiness, happiness, harmony and health. It doesn't get any better than heaven!

Here are some "heavenly perks".

  • Freedom from the death penalty for sin -John 8:51
  • No more pain, sorrow or sin-Rev. 21:4, 8
  • See God face to face-Matthew 5:5, Rev. 22:4
  • Perfect happiness and harmony-Isaiah 35:10, Isaiah 11:16
  • A golden city, beautiful mansions-Revelation 21:18, 21, John 14:1-3
  • Perfect immortal bodies-Isaiah 35:5, Phil 3:21, 1 Corinthians 15:52
  • No more parting from loved ones & friends-l Thessalonians 4:17
  • Many wonderful surprises -1 Corinthians 2:9, Psalm 16:1

There's no place like home, they say. Well, if we belong to Jesus, this world is not our home. We're just passing through, waiting to go to our true heavenly home. Heaven is better than our "dream home," because it's better than we can imagine.

Heaven is real, not just a fantasy land. We will actually walk on golden streets. We will really live in beautiful mansions. We will truly enjoy the beautiful landscapes. We will actually play with real animals. We will enjoy endless friendships. We will drink from the river of life, and eat from the tree of life. We will never die, never get tired, never get our feelings hurt, never feel sad. We will be happier than we have ever been!

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