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In order to benefit and become empowered by the Word of God, we must know the principles that will unlock the mysteries to us personally. Here they are:

  • Always pray before you study the Bible.
  • Be sincerely open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we will twist scripture to suit our own ideas.
  • Don't come to the Bible to prove your theories. Set aside your opinions as you study.
  • Ask God for a teachable, humble attitude. Be willing to learn. Understanding God's word has more to do with your attitude than with your intellect.
  • If God says something plainly in the Bible, don't ask Him to tell you something different because you don't like what you read.
  • On any controversial subject - study out both sides. Take the weight of evidence from the whole Bible, not just obscure texts.
  • When you come to a difficult text, don't make it say what you want it to say. Read other scriptures on the same topic. That's how the Bible interprets itself.
  • Consider the context as you study. Read the whole passage.
  • Use variety of versions and translations so you can make sure what the text is saying.
  • Beware of notes in your Bible. They are not inspired, but were written by man. Test them against the Bible.
  • Beware of commentaries and encyclopedias. They are sometimes good for reference, but again, they are not inspired. Don't mold your beliefs from commentaries.
  • Don't settle for a final answer from any pastor, priest, denomination, church history, or tradition. Let God have the final word.
  • In studying with others, insist on the Bible as the final authority; don't depend on human interpretation.
  • Remember, the majority can be wrong. In fact, they often are!
  • Don't waste time studying with argumentative, pushy people who try to prove their answers by raising their voices. Beware of deceptions and false doctrines.
  • Probe deeply into the treasure house of truth. Ask deep questions and search diligently for the answers.
  • As you discover truth, walk in the light so that it does not turn into darkness. Be willing to accept truth no matter what the cost.
  • Hide God's Word in your heart so you will not sin against Him.
  • Whatever you believe should make you a more loving, devoted Christian.
  • Study, study, study--not just for knowledge but for transforming power.
  • Remember, no one can know the truth until they invest the time and effort to study the Bible.
  • The only way to counter deception is through the knowledge of the Bible truth.
  • Expect the Bible to change your attitudes and mold your beliefs.
  • Spiritual things are spiritually discerned. If you are having trouble understanding the Bible, ask God for wisdom.
  • Keep your mind clear by avoiding harmful substances and mind-numbing behaviors, so you can think clearly as you study.
  • Trust in God. He will teach you the truth. You can understand the Bible.


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